Phallosan Forte Review

Phallosan forte is a penis extender, and this article is a reasonable phallosan forte review and phallosan results with details. Ok, now we want to talk about a penis extender called PHALLOSAN® forte. The phallosan penis extender is an innovation in the male enhancement arena. Phallosan is a special and uniquely designed penis traction device, which was invented in Germany and was launched into the market in 1999. From that time, until now, thousands of this penile traction device have been sold around the world. Phallosan was produced by the company of Swiss Sana Anstalt. At a first glance, we can see the apparent difference between the phallosan extender and the other customary penis extenders. Although conventional penile stretcher devices may have different performance, they are all almost identical in appearance, but phallosan system has a new look and has its own unique design. In addition to appearance, the phallosan forte is different from other extenders in terms of functioning too. Figure 1.A below shows the phallosan penis extender and figure 1.B below shows a sample traditional penis extender.

Figure 1. A (Phallosan Penis Extender)

Phallosan Penis Extender

Figure 1. B (A Sample Traditional Penis Extender)

Traditional Penis Extender

As the figures above shows, the appearances of these two traction devices are completely different. The phallosan penis extender is designed in such a way that it is comfortable to wear. A man can wear it up to 12+ hours a day, even at night and when he is asleep. Phallosan extender uses a suction system and vacuum technology to create tension in the penis. The suction is adjustable. Now that we are somewhat familiar with this device, let's see how this penile traction device works? We want to review this product.


How Does Phallosan forte Work?

This is a trivial matter that when we want to review a device, we are interested to know how it works. The phallosan traction device is no exception to this rule, too, and we want to know that how this device works and how it can enlarge the penis. Like other dick extenders, by creating continuous tension in the penis, the phallosan causes the penis to enlarge over time. This stretch is not applied directly to the penis, but the tension is applied to the penis through a part of the device called sleeve. Sleeve (may be called as sleeve condom) is a condom-like rubber which is placed on the entire length of the penis. Sleeve condom is the link up between the penis and the extender. Phallosan has three types of sleeve condoms with different diameters. These sleeve condoms called as: S-sleeve condom (small size), M-sleeve condom (medium size) and L-sleeve condom (large size). Depending on the penis girth, one of these sleeves can be used (the proper one that fits the penis girth). Figure 2.0 below shows the three sizes of sleeve condoms.

Figure 2.0 (Phallosan forte Sleeve Condoms)

Phallosan forte Sleeve Condoms

The sleeve connects to another part of the extender called the suction bell. Phallosan has three sizes of suction bell as: Small Suction Bell (S Bell), Medium Suction Bell (M Bell) and Large Suction Bell (L Bell). On the seventh day of October 2016, PHALLOSAN® service announced a new size of bell named as XL bell with the 1,65-inch diameter (4,2 cm) for phallosan system. Figure 3.0 below shows the four sizes of suction bells. Three sizes of suction bells: small, medium and large come with phallosan basic kit, but the xlarge suction bell must be purchased separately, if necessary.

Figure 3.0 (Phallosan forte Suction Bells - Small, Medium, Large and XLarge)

Phallosan forte Suction Bells

The sleeve condom attaches to the suction bell. Please notice that according to the size of the sleeve condom, appropriate size of the suction bell should be attached to it. Figure 4.0 below shows how the sleeve condom attaches to the suction bell.

Figure 4.0 (Phallosan forte Sleeve Condom Attachment to Suction Bell)

Phallosan forte Sleeve Condom + Suction Bell

The suction ball is attached to the suction bell from the other side of it. Figure 5.a below shows attachment of suction ball to suction bell and figure 5.b below shows attachment of suction ball to suction bell and suction bell to sleeve condom. The suction ball has a three-way valve attached to it (the green part of the suction ball).

Figure 5.0 (Attachment of Suction Ball to Suction Bell and Suction Bell to Sleeve Condom)

Phallosan forte Sleeve Condom + Suction Bell + Suction Ball

After that, The tension clip is attached to suction bell from the side that the suction ball is attached to it. Figure 6.0 below shows the complete set of assembled phallosan forte except the belt.

Figure 6.0 (Phallosan forte Complete Assembled Set Except the Belt)

Phallosan forte Review

Note that before the sleeve condom is placed over the penis, the protector cap is placed over the head of the penis (glans). The protector cap is elastic and is made of non-allergenic material. Too strong of a vacuum may damage the glans, and the protected cap has the duty to protect the penis head (glans) against excessive suction originated from the high vacuum. The protector cap is shown in the figure 6.0 above on the right.

By reviewing the structure of the phallosan forte, we realize that two types of traction are applied to the penis in this device. A stretch which is actually the main stretch is applied to the penis through the vacuum created in the suction bell by the suction ball. This suction is the leading traction power that is applied to the penis by phallosan extender. The suction which is applied to the penis is adjustable by a 3-way valve attached to the suction ball. In addition to this tensile force, another traction is applied to the penis by the belt through the tension clip and the suction bell and the sleeve condom. In fact, the tensile power of the orthopedic stretching belt is transferred to the suction bell through the tension clip. As the suction bell is attached to the sleeve condom and the sleeve condom is placed over the penis, so finally, this tensile power is applied to the penis through the sleeve condom.

This is a glimpse of how the phallosan system works. By using this mechanism, the phallosan penis extender applies a continuous and gentle traction to the penis.

PHALLOSAN® forte costs 339.00 USD (+shipping: 25.00 USD). You can buy the PHALLOSAN® forte from their Official Website. To get more info about the phallosan penis extender, read this phallosan forte review.